Product Introduction

The label is made of RFID chip encapsulated in PVC plastic. The content of the chip can be input repeatedly, and the surface can be printed with personalized patterns, logo, text, etc. according to customer requirements. It is mainly used for price marking and commodity information management of jewelry, clothing, shoes and hats, etc. to improve the grade of commodities.

Advantages And Features

  • The installation method of high temperature resistant and metal label is flexible, which can be installed by rivets, screws, double-sided adhesive or strong glue which can withstand the installation environmen.
  • The label can withstand high temperature test, high temperature alternating test, acid base test, vibration test, ultrasonic washing test.
  • Combined with the application system, it can complete the inventory of goods quickly, accurately and simply.


Tag Applications
  • The surface material of RFID self-adhesive electronic label is usually coated paper, composite paper, pet and other materials
  • RFID Label is widely used in Clothing management, clothing management, home textile management, luggage management, asset management, etc.
  • RFID adhesive electronic label is produced by PET substrate + metal aluminum film etching process after coating, and pi+ copper antenna can be used, which has better waterproof and dustproof performance.
  • RFID laundry label is mainly used in the laundry industry, can track, check the washing clothes, high temperature, humidity and corrosion, non-toxic and insulation, compression performance, generally silicone material.
Major Specifications
  • Materials: Silicone, Plastic, Velcro strap, Nylon, PVC, Soft glue, Cloth, Paper and other materials.
  • Common Size: 250 * 25MM or specified by customer or specified by customer.
  • Chip: UCODE GEN2, ALIEN H3, IMPINJ M3 and so on.
  • Communication Protocol: ISO-18000 6B/6C(C1G2).
  • Carrier Frequency: 860MHz-960MHz.
  • Operating Temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ (industrial grade) (depending on material).
  • Storage Temperature: - 30/+70℃(depending on material).
  • User Space: 1Kbite/1Kbyte/96bit EPC ID.
  • Working distance: 0.1-2M(depending on working environment and reader model).
  • Weight: < 2g (depending on material).
  • Read and write times: 100 thousand times.
  • Data storage time: 10 years.