Product Introduction

Glass tube labels are widely used in products that need to be concealed and installed, as well as in small volume items, such as household and automotive smart key handles; Computer or communication plug socket; Intelligent mp3-usb products; Application or important file smart dog; Second package animal identification; Micro adhesive sheet for trademark; It is also suitable for RFID intelligent identification in firearms, helmets, wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetics, electric toothbrushes, molds, jewelry, chips and other fields.

Advantages And Functions

  • Has good waterproof and moisture resistance.
  • Packaged with TPU material without odor and pollution.
  • Made of high-grade anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant materials by injection molding.
  • Shows a stable reading and writing level at extreme temperature.
  • Support low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency.
  • Robust and reliable - resistant to moisture, thermal fluctuations, vibration and shock.
Non-contact wafer
  • Low Frequency Chip (125KHz): TK4100, EM4102, EM4200 and T5577 and so on.
Major Specifications
  • Optional Materials: 80g coated paper, 160g coated paper, 250g coated paper, PVC, pet, thermal paper, PP synthetic paper, DuPont paper, Teslin, etc. (namely coated paper + inlay + substrate free double-sided adhesive + release paper (or coated paper)).
  • Size: 250 * 25MM or specified by customer.
  • Chip: TK4100/EM4102/EM4200/T5577/FM11RF08/Mifare1/S50/Mifare1/S70/Mifare Ultralight/I-CODE2/TI2048/ST25(chips specified according to requirements).
  • Communication Protocol: ISO-15693/ISO-14443A.
  • Carrier Frequency: 13.56 MHZ /125KHZ.
  • Operating Temperature: - 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ (industrial grade) (depending on material).
  • Storage Temperature: - 30/+80℃(depending on material).
  • User Space: 1Kbite/1Kbyte.
  • Working distance: 2-15CM(depending on working environment and reader model).
  • Color: Black / red / Blue / gray / orange / white, etc.
  • Weight: 5g ± 0.5g(depending on material).